Kingsand Gin

A handcrafted small batch organic Cornish gin with local coastal botanicals


Kingsand's first ever spirit

perfectly crafted with natural coastal botanicals to remind you of those summer days by the Cornish sea


Kingsand Gin


    Kingsand Gin is hand crafted in small batches at England's only organic distillery certified by the Biodynamic Association, based right here in Cornwall


    Kingsand Gin is a Biodynamic gin. Our responsibly sourced organic botanicals are of the highest quality and distilled using only the heart of the spirit to produce a truly clean alcohol. Kingsand Gin is six times distilled and given plenty of time to rest after distillation to allow the flavours and aromas of the botanicals to fully develop, just another of our signature approaches

  • local botanicals

    We have carefully combined natural botanicals found on the Cornish coast, all within a small radius of Kingsand, to create a fresh and zesty gin reminiscent of those summer days by the sea.

  • A Taste of the coast

    Enjoy a KG & T après-sea


A message from us

Sitting by the clock tower one summer's evening sipping a G&T whilst the sun went down, Kingsand Gin was just a seed of an idea, but one we couldn't stop thinking about. Two years of refining and perfecting later, we're very pleased to introduce you to something we're extremely proud of.

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